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Oil Meat Cooking Recipies

The "other red meat" arrives at the dinner table

Emu meat offers guilt-free, flavorful dining

For health-conscious consumers who yearn for a succulent steak or a thick, juicy burger but want to avoid high fat and cholesterol, there is another choice. Similar in taste and texture to lean beef, red emu meat has more protein and less calories and sodium than most other red meat. Emu meat is a heart-healthy alternative to conventional red meat.

The Select Cuts

The tenderest cuts of emu meat are the fan filet and top loin. Since emu meat is low fat and loses moisture quickly, it is best when cooked to a rare or medium rare doneness (145 to 160 F internal temperature as measured by a meat thermometer). For those who prefer meat that is well done, a moist heat cooking method is recommended.

Emu meat adapts well to many recipes. Because of its mild flavor emu meat accepts most seasonings. It responds especially well to sweet marinades made with honey, soy sauce, ginger, lemon juice and garlic. Grilling on a barbecue after marinating is an excellent way to bring out the succulent taste of emu meat.

Careful cooking prevents dryness

Emu meat is a delicious, naturally low-fat red meat, a plus for the health- conscious consumer. Because emu meat is so low in fat, it requires careful cooking to avoid becoming dry.

  • As a general rule, emu meat should be cooked to an internal temperature of 150 and 160 degrees F (66 - 71 C). This will cook emu steaks and roasts to "rare" or "medium rare." Longer cooking will cause it to become dry.
  • Grilling works well with these meats. They can also be roasted, braised, stir-fried and otherwise used in recipes, as you would beef.
  • Emu is good smoked, if you have a smoker. First soak in brine for at least two, but no more than six hours. It is especially good cold, after smoking.
  • Try marinating it for a couple of hours, refrigerated, in a little wine or stock and fresh herbs and garlic before cooking.
  • Add a dry rub on these meats, then let them sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before grilling. Here are two possible dry-rub combinations: cumin, different peppers and garlic; allspice, clove and ginger, perhaps some brandy.
  • You can also use prepared packaged spice mixes as a dry rub. Some possibilities: taco seasoning, Italian seasoning, fajita seasoning or honey- Dijon powder dressing.

Hint for cooking emu

Emu meat contains very little fat. If it is cooked too long it can dry out and become very tough. Marinating emu cuts before cooking and slow cooking will help to keep the meat moist. Add grated fruit or vegetables to ground emu to add moisture.

The following are the best cooking
methods for various cuts of emu meat:

Cooking Method Meat Cut
Dry Heat fan fillet
top loin
inside strip
Moist heat round

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