2014 Emu Chick Prices

    2014 Emu Chicks

      NOTE - We are planning to sell most of our chicks for the 2014 hatching season. Contact us to be placed on a list if you are interested in purchasing chicks.

      Go to our CONTACT US page and leave your name address, phone number and e-mail address along with how many chicks you are interested in and at what age.


    Our price for a 1 week old emu chick is $85.00.  The price goes up per week after that (see chart below).  We do recommend the 3 month old chicks since, most "problems" show up before this age.  Their price would be $145.00.


 2014 Emu Chick Prices

Day old - 1 week old emu chick $ 85.00
  2 week old emu chick  $   90.00
  3 week old emu chick  $   94.00
  4 week old emu chick  $   99.00
  5 week old emu chick  $   104.00
  6 week old emu chick  $   109.00
  7 week old emu chick  $ 114.00
  8 week old emu chick  $ 119.00
  9 week old emu chick  $ 124.00
10 week old emu chick  $ 129.00
11 week old emu chick  $ 134.00
12 week old emu chick  $ 139.00
  3 month old emu chick $ 145.00
Add $20 per month thereafter.

   The 3 month old chicks would be ready between early June and into August.

    All emu chicks must be picked-up at our farm in Brodhead, Wisconsin (located 30 miles South of Madison, Wisconsin, halfway between Beloit and Monroe).

    Directions to our farm can be found by going to our website,  www.SugarMapleEmu.com  , clicking on EVENTS and then clicking on FARM TOURS.  You can click on MAP for a map from Brodhead to our farm.

    We cannot guarantee the sex of the chicks but, we will give you a good educated guess (we vent check at hatching and check feather patterns on the heads).

    All chicks that are sold will be healthy when they leave the farm or they will not be sold.  We can give NO health guarantee after the chick leaves our farm.

    We start all of our emu chicks on our own formulated Emu Starter which is specifically formulated for emus.  It does a great job of starting them off well.  We will have Emu Chick Starter available (last year's price was $16.00 for a 50# bag).  It takes one bag to raise each chick to 2 1/2 months of age.