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I am a massage therapist with Lupus and I could not start my day without CRYO GEL. I also use CRYO GEL in my practice. It helps to alleviate my patients’ pain. Using CRYO GEL allows me to perform my daily tasks comfortably. Thank you CRYO GEL!
Submitted By: Toni Gibson, OK

If it wasn't for CRYO GEL I would not be able to sleep or get my work done. It helps me feel better for we both have bad back and a lot of pain. I also have cramps in my legs and my feet ache but CRYO GEL really helps to give us relief.
Submitted By: Ruby & Walter, Texas

I have worked in an auto assembly plant for the past 16 years. A vehicle passes through my workstation every 52 seconds and my shoulder, neck and lower back muscles will tighten-up terribly by the end of a 10-hour shift. Sometimes the muscles will knot-up so bad that I can hardly move. I find that if I apply the CRYO GEL to the chronic pain areas BEFORE I start my shift, I can usually make it through the 10-hour shift just fine. On days when the muscles start to tighten up anyway, I just use more CRYO GEL and I am then able to continue working.
Submitted By: Joy, Wisconsin

Aside from the many benefits I have derived from CRYO GEL since contracting cancer several years ago, I thought you would like to hear about an incident I had about a week ago.

Because of the cancer and treatment involved I am very susceptible to bruising and swelling of even small injuries. Last week I turned my ankle quite severely and the next day it was very swollen and purple. Too painful to walk on. I went to the Dr. who said he had seen worse but not much and that this would get much worse before it got better. He said it would be about three weeks before I had full use of it again.

He prescribed RICE.

R - rest. Stay off of it.
I - ice. Keep ice on it.
C - compression. Keep it wrapped in an Ace bandage.
E - Elevate. Keep it elevated.

I went home, put CRYO GEL on it three times a day for two days and I did pretty much stay off it. I didn't use any ice. Nor did I wrap it. It hurt too much. By the third day the swelling was pretty much gone. So was the pain. The color was much better and I was back on it regularly.

Today (5th day) it is like it never happened except for a little purple along the side of my foot. Three weeks indeed!!! I should have saved the office call charge.

Even though I expected quick relief from the CRYO GEL, it always amazes me how quickly this product actually work.
Submitted By: Dave, Washington

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