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On a small farm, located 7 miles Southwest of Brodhead, Wisconsin, echoes direct from the Australian Outback can be heard. The booming and grunting of the emus creates an eerie and unusual sound. Nestled on a country road, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Sugar Maple Emu Farm is home to over 200 emus. Owned and operated since 1995 by Michael & Joylene Reavis, Sugar Maple Emu Farm is an egg to retail business. On this 10 acre farm, emus are bred, hatched and raised for processing. They not only raise the 5 � foot tall birds, they also sell its lean red meat, Emu Oil products, feathers and leather products. One 18 month old Emu will yield 25 pounds of meat and 15 to 25 pounds of fat. It is the fat that makes these birds so unique.

It is the fat from the Emu that is rendered and refined into Emu Oil. Emu Oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, all known to be natural anti-inflammatories. Emu Oil is added to many products to enhance their uses. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin while penetrating deeply into the tissue to carry its essential fatty acids with it.

Emu Meat has been proven, through USDA sponsored research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to be high in nutrition while being low in unwanted fats. Emu Meat is a dark red meat that is very mild flavored, much like beef. Emu Meat from Sugar Maple Emu Farm is processed from emus that are naturally raised with NO ADDED antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.

The large, dark green Emu eggs with layers of green, turquoise and white, are not only edible but, lend themselves to the creation of beautiful art work. The egg shells can be painted and hung like Christmas ornaments. They can be carved with colorful patterns being uncovered as the artist carves into the dark green, turquoise and white layers of these remarkable eggs. A series of lacework cuts can transform an Emu egg into many interesting items including nightlights. They can be made into jewelry boxes and music boxes and decorated like the famous Faberge eggs. Artists are limited only by their imagination.

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